Résumé 2018

The speed ski season is over... and what a great season! Philippe Maywins the last race of the season in Andorra far ahead of other great champions and he takes the Swiss championships, Reto Eigenmannwins the Swiss cup and ends with a nice 9th position worldwide, Michel Goumoëns wins 4 races in the S2 category out of 9, Gregory Meichtry is 3rd at the Swiss championships and at the Swiss cup even though he suffered from a knee injury, Alban Mao sets the new world record forspeed on telemark and Maxime Riviera sets a new Swiss record for speed on monoski at the Speed Masters, Seraina Murk is the fastest Swiss women of the season, and Veronika Ackermann, Robert Jaques and Ludovic Galofaro do their first races in their category with good results! We wish all the speed ski fans a nice time till next season for more high speeds and victories! 

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