Plombage des combinaisons

I would like to remind you to the SS precisions:
specially to art. 1234.4 ski suit !

Some of the SS athletes already sent their suits to FIS headquarters in August to plomb, but unfortunately a lot of National Ski Associations didn't forward my email to their athletes/coaches !

Last opportunity for plombing the SS suits for SDH classes:
Herbert Klammer, equipment controller Alpine, provides to plomb the Speedski suits during the EC Alpine (see calendar). Please organize in your Federation between Speedski and Alpine that the SS suits will get to the EC Alpine und inform me in advance at which EC your Alpine Ski Team will take the SS suits in order that I can inform Herbert Klammer.

Judith Lessing

FSSV - c/o Kilian Tournier Case postale 37 - 1253 Vandoeuvres